Europallet pooling

Europallet Pooling

The GOPALL system combines the main strengths of closed pallet pooling and the europallet exchange system. You will eliminate pallet collections, save time and money and decrease your CO2 emissions. At the same time, we will provide you with reliable pallets that will enable smooth delivery of goods to your customers.

Solution and Prices

Each new Gopall Point makes us more efficient!

We are developing a dense network of Gopall points with the aim to transport pallets over the shortest distances possible. We thus save your costs and significantly reduce CO2 emissions.


Ing. Martin Komorný, MBA, Alog. Logistics Manager, FONTEA a.s.

Since the summer of 2022 we have been using the GOPALL system for domestic distribution of Europalet pooling. GOPALL has brought us greater transport flexibility, better availability and required pallet quality, resulting in a more efficient process for us and our business partners.

Vladimír Jansa, Key Account Manager, Alset, spol s.r.o.

“By applying the Gopall system to transport planning for the client, we achieved a reduction in costs associated with transport and also an interesting benefit in saving time spent on pallet exchange.”

More than
70% CO2
is a potential that we will help you realize by eliminating pallet collections.
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