No pallet exchange?
Possible with GOPALL!
Win more profitable

Europallet Pooling

The GOPALL system combines the main strengths of closed pallet pooling and the europallet exchange system. You will eliminate pallet collections, save time and money and decrease your CO2 emisions. At the same time, we will provide you with reliable pallets that will enable smooth delivery of goods to your customers.

Pallet exchange represents many direct and indirect, obvious, but also hidden costs. These costs subtly but significantly reduce the profit. With today's price growth and volatility, they can easily tip the balance from profit to loss.

It is way different with GOPALL!

Scenario 1 - Goods delivery without pallet exchange

Deliver goods to the DC of the retailer, take over the documents and rush to the next loading appointment without delays, disputes between the driver and warehouse operators, and with no questionable quality pallets returned? Yes, with GOPALL this is exactly how it works!

Goods delivery
Create advice
A goods delivery advice is created in the GOPALL App

Retailer (RETAIL GOPALL Point) receives a notification with all the important details ( Purchase order number, Truck plate number, name and surname of the driver, date of expected arrival, number of pallets, etc.)

Pallets handover
Pallets are offloaded, checked & taken over

Goods-related processes remain unchanged. Pallets are visually checked and as long as there is no critical damage they are taken over.

Record data
Pallet quantity is recorded to the Gopall App

A respective number of the taken-over pallets is recorded to the GOPALL account of the customer. The driver receives a receipt confirming the number of pallets taken over and also the responsibility transfer. He can leave for an upcoming appointment.

Pallets return
Pallet return is organized when FTL is ready

GOPALL system monitors the number of pallets in the pallet accounts of the customers and initiates a return once the full-truck load equivalent is accumulated.

Scenario 2 - Pallet drop-off at the Service GOPALL Point

You have delivered the goods as required but the recipient is not part of the GOPALL system. You have no choice but to reload the empty pallets. However, thanks to GOPALL, you can drop off these empty pallets at the nearest Service GOPALL Point. You pick up the pallets later whenever and wherever you need them.

Drop off
Place Order
Need to plan the trip of the goods as ”one-way”
(no exchange or vouchers whatsoever)
  1. Log in to your Gopall Account
  2. Find the most suitable Service GOPALL Point (SGP)
  3. Place the order (web form)
  4. Submit the order
  5. Gopall Point gets notified and confirms your order
Pallets drop-off
Driver arrives to the point of destination
  1. Pallets are offloaded
  2. Their status is visually checked
  3. Pallets are taken over
Record data
Pallets (quantity and status) are recorded to the Gopall App
  1. SGP Employee records it in App
  2. Completes the order
  3. Pallet entitlement is uploaded to your Gopall account
Pallets returned

Gopall transport

Pallets are deliverred back to you by Gopall – you don’t care

  • We return Full-truck loads in
  • Respective number of pallets is deduced from the account

...or prefer your transport?

This is our Pricing at RGP

Competitive, absolutely transparent and all inclusive.

There are no surprises with GOPALL!

The average price for
one executed pallet flow is 1,50€

Do you want to know, what price we can offer for your pallet flows?

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What will you get as a GOPALL customer?

Substantially decrease pallet-related cost

No more "administratively Rejected" yet physically taken-over pallets! No more pallet collections. No more pallet repairs!

Reduce your Carbon dioxide footprint

Thanks to the GOPALL Point network, we redistribute pallets more efficiently. Therefore you save up to 70% of the CO2!

Truck ready to leave for another job promptly

The truck is set to load again just after offloading the goods (with pallets). With no returned pallets, those are taken care of by GOPALL.

Identify clearly and fully your end-to-end cost structure

GOPALL will help you disclose your direct and indirect costs related to the pallet exchange and eliminate most of them.