GOPALL will free you of pallet trouble

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Marek Božík, CEO of GOPALL, in his former role as a director of a freight forwarding company, suffered from everyday problems associated with pallets. It motivated him to find a better solution. One day he took a piece of paper and outlined a system in which an exchangable palette is an advantage and not a problem. GOPALL was born - a solution that frees you of your pallet trouble.

The common pallet exchange system is a gray area full of fraud and unfair practices. But it can be different. It's different with the GOPALL solution!

Europallet Pooling

GOPALL is open pooling of pallets (EPAL/UIC) combining the main strengths of closed pooling (CHEP, LPR,...) and the Europallet exchange system. The efficiency of the GOPALL system is achieved thanks to a dense network of partners - GOPALL Points (Retailers' DCs, warehouses of logistics companies, etc.)

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GOPALL Leadership Team

Marek Božík

Chief Executive Officer

Milan Munko

Chief Operations Officer

Jakub Straka

Chief Marketing Officer

Lukas Karell

Chief Technology Officer

Commercial Team

Jan Soukup

Chief Commercial Officer

Matěj Smetana

Retail Business Dev. Manager

Tamás Kis

Sales Manager Hungary

Silvia Guljaš

What will you get as a GOPALL customer?

Benefit from GOPALL Network

GOPALL Points are where you need them to be (and if not, we will make sure to ensure it for you soon).

Substantially decrease pallet-related cost

No more "administratively Rejected" yet physically taken-over pallets! No more pallet collections. No more pallet repairs!

Eliminate Pallet collections

GOPALL manages pallet collections. Your carrier becomes extremely productive while handing over your goods, therefore you can expect a major discount!

Reduce and simplify pallet admin

All the necessary and inevitable administration is managed in the GOPALL App, which is highly user-friendly and productive.

Reduce your Carbon dioxide footprint

Thanks to the GOPALL Point network, we redistribute pallets more efficiently. Therefore you save up to 70% of the CO2!