Fast and simple
goods-in process!
Maximum productivity
of your teams!

Europallet pooling

GOPALL is open pooling of pallets (EPAL/UIC) combining the main strengths of closed pooling (CHEP, LPR,...) and the Europallet exchange system. The efficiency of the GOPALL system is achieved thanks to a dense network of partners - GOPALL Points (Retailers' DCs, warehouses of logistics companies, etc.)

GOPALL will bring you faster goods-in process, more productive pallet management
and additional revenue.

This is how the GOPALL process works:

The GOPALL process is developed in such a way that we can adjust it according to your existing processes and systems without losing any of its benefits. Thanks to the know-how of our IT colleagues, we will find the optimal way of system integration so that your GOPALL activities require the minimum possible effort.

Goods delivery
Place Order
Pallets (and goods) delivery advice is created in the GOPALL Application

You receive an advice with all the necessary details (your PO number in particular). You can find them also in your GOPALL Application.

Pallets take-over
Pallets (with the goods) are offloaded and visually checked

Goods-in clerk executes a normal inbound process. At the end, he records the required information of the number and status of the pallets he took over.

Record data
Number of taken-over pallets is recorded to the GOPALL App

Respective number of the taken-over pallets is transferred to the customer's (supplier's) GOPALL account. There is no need to keep separate supplier's pallet accounts any longer.

Pallets collections
GOPALL tracks the pallet balance and initiate their collection

Once the full-truck load equivalent is accumulated, GOPALL ensures pallet collection from the RETAIL GOPALL Point, pallet account is updated accordingly.

What will you get as a GOPALL partner?

Payment for services provided

GOPALL pays fair remuneration for the services that are provided by the partners. We are open to the marketing and other mutually beneficial collaboration.

Fast goods-in process with no pallet exchange

Goods-in process is shorten only to the time needed to offload the goods itself, no more vouchers, returned pallets, arguments and complication.

Only full-truck load pallet collections

Pallets are collected only by a single partner - GOPALL. Exclusively in the full-truck loads. Thanks to that your pallet management is more efficient.

Simple and user-friendly tool

GOPALL App has been developed for maximum efficiency of all your activities that are managed within - from the physical goods-in to the transaction management.

Reduce your Carbon dioxide footprint

Thanks to the GOPALL Point network, we redistribute pallets more efficiently. Therefore you save up to 70% of the CO2!